Thursday, 4 April 2013

From “Womb Mates” to Roommates

- A Tale of Two Twins

It was the perfect set-up for a sit-com straight off the Family Channel: Inseparable (and shall I say rather sheltered?) twin sisters find themselves experiencing the fun and mishaps of university life together as roommates. Close your eyes and imagine it for a minute. I know what you’re probably thinking: Bring out the drama and cat-fights; this is going to be one heck of a year.

Cue the screeching halt.

Well, I wish I had something that interesting to write about.  The truth is, Room 317 saw about as much action as a documentary on the art of crochet… minus the hooking. If you want to talk about “fun”, does blasting gospel music while studying on Friday nights count? Or how about the mishaps? Those amounted to running out of our daily fix of pretzels and (dare I even mention it?) running out of hot chocolate on a Saturday night. Probably the most adventurous we ever got was eating cereal with a fork – and we were pretty proud to be so hard-core.


So maybe Johanna and I didn’t experience the typical life of most university students living in residence. Actually, I feel quite confident about that statement. For instance, while my little sister will never hold a record for the most shots in one night, she has pulled all-nighters without coffee (and went to all her classes the next day no less). As for me, I’ve done Johanna’s laundry every week without complaining – not even once! (That’s just one of the perks of living with your sister.)

I think the most difficult thing Johanna and I discovered this year was how not to be stereotypical twins. I’m pretty sure we creeped out a few people at meal hall by always choosing the exact same meals… and eating them in the exact same way. We tried to make sure we didn’t accidently wear the same clothes or go to the washroom at the same time… because that’s just downright awkward. On the other hand, the reactions of everyone else when these incidents did occur were always amusing.

This is really all I have to write about LBR’s rather reclusive twins and their quaint ways. I’d have more to say about Johanna but, then again, it’s not as if we’ll part ways once summer begins. I’d rather avoid the possibility of revenge if I can. I will tell you this though: her dirty socks stink.

Cue the drama and cat-fights.

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