Saturday, 10 November 2012

Courage on the Line

They marched; side by side, shoulder to shoulder.
Pride in their eyes, this generation called to order.
Heads held high, readied to face the foe.
Soldiers all, standing row on row.

They fought; side by side, hand meets hand.
Hell reflected in their eyes, but the soul must withstand.
Advancing through horror, guns’ blazing, constant roar
Brothers all, fighting someone else’s war.

They died; side by side, one thought shared by all.
Eyes full of pain, the cries before the fall.
When it comes to the end, it’s not the power or the might,
But as humans all, small stars in war’s night.

Today we stand; side by side, shoulder to shoulder.
What do we see in our eyes as the years grow older?
We need to know it is not is vain that they fight.
Remembrance: our key to hope and dawn’s light.

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  1. We just read your poem - excellent work!