Sunday, 16 September 2012

Following Your Senses

What gets you further in life: common sense or a sense of adventure?

This is the type of question that sends me running around in circles within my mind. (Actually, I’m usually pacing a room muttering to myself, but that’s just weird.) Some may say that common sense only holds you back and prevents you from trying new and exciting things; that only with a sense of adventure will one stumble upon discovery. So while a sense of adventure might compel you to BASE jump off a cliff, common sense may keep your feet from going over the edge. But what discoveries lie in wait on an alternate route down? Maybe the real fear we need to overcome is that of turning back.

A sense of adventure will take you to all ends of the Earth, but common sense will keep you alive throughout the journey, and possibly even slow you down just enough to enjoy the sights along the way. So perhaps it is not one or the other: In order to live life to the fullest, maybe you need a little of both.


  1. I think you've hit the nail on the head, as you usually do!Seems like a logical continuation of a certain speech or 2 I heard back in June...

  2. I LOVE this. So many people condemn those who show caution when taking on the world, but maybe it doesn't hold you back, just allows you to analyze the risks you take, and decide what's best for you. Maybe it will lessen the heartache of some adventures. Instead of running blindly down paths just to see where they lead, keep your eyes open so not only will you not trip on the unexpected stone, but maybe you'll be able to see more around you. Sorry, I rambled a bit there. I just really liked this :P

    1. Rambling is totally encouraged here! I like your insight.